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We strive to give Indigenous youth mentoring and support, building capacity, and self-sufficiency for them to be effective leaders and contributors to their community. Emphasising the importance of dreaming big and dreaming often. Our Dreamers Program is designed to share and teach the principles of objectives, planning, and performing. Helping Indigenous youth to realise their potential in order to prepare them for a strong productive future. We aim to break the stereotypes by introducing positive role models to support and provide a positive outlook for their future.


A one day workshops are used to engage and share our stories with Indigenous youth, listen to their stories and offer advice and ongoing support.


Five days are spent connecting with the country, community and sharing our stories with the youth in the community. In return learning about their stories and stories of their people


A five-day adventure, exposing youth from communities to a variety of possibilities, from study options, employment avenues and community engagement projects. Helping them explore options within the city and what support they will have to achieve their dreams.


This Global 12 day adventure focuses on world industry leaders and providing the youth with the exposure of the world stage across multiple industries.

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