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About Us

Dream Big, Dream Often

Self-Made Indigenous Corporation (SMIC) was founded by husband and wife, Aaron & Quin in 2019. Their board members consist of Warumungu, Noongar and Baardi people who bring personal experience, a diverse range of knowledge, visionary thinking and a shared commitment for driving a grassroots perspective to make a difference in their communities. SMIC operates as a Social Enterprise with WASEC Membership, meaning that it exists to deliver a measurable social, cultural and environmental impact. It derives most of its revenue from trading and commits to reinvesting a significant proportion of its profit in furthering its mission. SMIC's goals are to enhance mental health and well-being and empower in the Indigenous community.

Our Story

Aaron grew up in the remote and rural community of Warumungu country (Tennant Creek), he had only dreamed of being a dog catcher as that was his uncle's profession. Until his mum moved to Perth opening up the opportunities. His world became a lot bigger meeting people in different professions. This is the reality for most Indigenous youth, their world is very small until you encourage and support them to 'Dream Big, Dream Often', using a see it you can be it model. Aaron was stuck in the FIFO life, spending months away from his young family, working long hours, continually trying to find purpose and trying to keep on top of his mental health. After being inspired by the book 'Four hour work week" and encouragement from Quin, he decided to explore University. Aaron graduated in

Biomedical Science Anatomy & Biology in 2019, whilst studying he was given opportunities

to study overseas in Portland, Oregon at Pacific University, learning about similarities and

differences in Indigenous culture in Bali and understanding rural villages in India and their

health issues.

Quin a freelance graphic & web designer-turned consultant-to accomplished graduate of Bachelor of Commerce/Business Management - now founder of a charity, loving mother and devoted wife never thought she would have the opportunity to study at Pacific University and live in Portland, Oregon with her husband and 3 young daughters in tow. She watched her eldest daughter's world get a lot bigger just from exposure and connection, from wanting to drill and dig holes like her dad to wanting to play

for the Oregon ducks basketball team. Connecting with so many people from different walks of life, she was able to see just how powerful stories can be. Aaron took Quin and their daughters back on country and they spoke to a few young kids about University and the opportunities that it can provide whether they wanted to a be a doctor or a football player. The community members told them that the kids they spoke to have been attending school every day so they can go to University. Through the programs at SMIC we are sharing not only our story, but stories of the amazing young Indigenous University students we meet. We believe if you can see it, you can be it and so Self Made Indigenous

Corporation was founded in 2019.

Meet The Team

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